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Wardrobe System

Nature has a place for everything. And our furniture does too. Our custom-made wardrobes, made from pure solid wood, are perfectly tailored to your personal needs both inside and out. With a roomy and functional interior, including clothes lifts, trouser pull-outs, and shirt drawers, our wardrobes offer perfect solution and the best possible overview of your clothing options.

An optional high-quality LED lighting system ensures the right lighting. You can choose from different models in a variety of heights, widths, and depths, between hinged or sliding doors in solid wood or coloured glass, and from a wide selection of practical elements for the interior. In this way, you can create a spacious, handcrafted piece of furniture that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Whether you’re just changing your wardrobe or have a new home, our hinged and floating door wardrobes always provide the right space for your clothes and remain faithful companions for many years. Solid wood wardrobe sides and the sturdy construction give our wardrobes a long life that can even withstand moving house. For our fronts, we use dimensionally stable three-layer solid wood panels, which create a minimalist, modern design.

On request, you can also have your element and wardrobe interior made in the front wood type for a particularly high-quality and elegant look. A standardised wardrobe system, the common wardrobe interior and same front systems throughout for hinged and floating door wardrobes open up a wide range of planning and design options – you can even combine the two wardrobe types.

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