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Hinged Door Wardrobe System

These wardrobes are multi-talented.

Our hinged-door wardrobes are customised to individual requirements, providing generous storage space in the preferred formats. There are four different cupboard heights to choose from, two depths and five possible section widths. Top cabinets extend the options, making it possible to plan wardrobes up to 370 cm tall.

Bespoke designs are also possible, with individual adjustments to suit any space. Practical external drawers can be individually configured to provide the right kind of storage space and a personalised, distinctive design layout for the wardrobe fronts. A wide range of handles adds further scope for customisation. Linking elements in the form of a home office or make-up table add an extra dimension to these wardrobes.


The soft hinged-door wardrobe impresses with its sleek, modest design and high-quality craftsmanship. Its defining feature is the continuous vertical wood-grain pattern on the hinged doors. Select your individual mix of coloured glass and solid wood and plan the interior to meet your individual needs. The optional mount with LED lighting perfectly illuminates your finished masterpiece.


The lunetto hinged-door wardrobe is characterised by the horizontal wood-grain pattern and groove detail on each section. The option to combine solid wood and tinted glass fronts allows a stylishly modern mix of materials. An elegant angled strip handle of solid wood and the cubic handle bar in stainless steel round off the appearance.


Across the centre of the valore hinged-door wardrobe, between two dividing grooves, is a decorative band that can be finished in either horizontally-grained solid wood or in tinted glass. This creates a fascinating contrast to the main vertical wood-grain or tinted glass areas of the hinged doors. The wood band creates a particularly striking and elegant effect in the relief version, with its milled detailing across the wood-grain.