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Sliding Door Wardrobes

Wardrobes with pep.

Every order for TEAM 7 sliding door wardrobes is custom made, with many different options available for heights, widths and depths. A wide range of high-quality interior fittings, wood types and glass colours – including customised personal favourites – allow enormous design scope. Soft-close sliding doors add a luxurious touch – however energetically you fling the wardrobe open in the morning.


At the centre of the nox wardrobe is a large sliding door made of solid wood with an impressive material thickness. Despite its size it can be smoothly moved in both directions and comes softly to rest in the centre. The middle sliding door is especially powerful in wild oak or wild walnut, because this amplifies the contrast between the elegant side coloured glass doors still more. An optional, power-saving LED illumination lights the interior of the nox cabinet and reveals its functional details.


Four grooves divide the sliding doors of the valore wardrobe into five equal sections. The fronts can be made completely in solid wood or coloured glass. If a combination of both materials is preferred, a contrasting wood or glass band can be placed in the middle or as the second section up from the floor. In the relief version this interplay of wood and glass is strikingly emphasised by milled detailing across the wood-grain.