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Smart Linking Element Wardrobes

For busy home-workers and natural beauties.

Ingenious linking elements add variety to the design layout of hinged-door wardrobes. A solid wall of wardrobes can be lightened up with a home office or make-up table. These open-fronted elements include clever additional functions, enhancing the usefulness of the wardrobe in an attractive way. The fully functional home office features a writing desk, shelving and LED light strips, and can also be fitted with a cable outlet and channel, as well as a flap-front cupboard for closed storage.

The make-up table also includes LED strips for optimal lighting. It has hidden talents that only become evident when the table top is raised. In the raised position the table reveals a large mirror, an elegant, leather-covered storage shelf, and practical wooden boxes that are similarly covered with leather. The boxes provide plenty of room for jewellery and cosmetic accessories. Cushioning ensures the table top closes gently and safely.