February 8, 2023 10:59 am Published by

  Rafael Designed by : Paola Navone Rafael is the collection of lounge furnishings that aspires to be the emblem... View Article


February 4, 2023 10:56 am Published by

  Baia Baia has soft cushions resting on a base bordered by a system of fabric-upholstered panels. All the upholstery,... View Article

Nodi Rug Collection

November 19, 2022 6:37 am Published by

  Nodi Rug Collection Nodi is the new collection of outdoor rugs designed for Ethimo by Paola Navone. “This collection... View Article


November 19, 2022 6:30 am Published by

  Bulbi New geometric shapes in dialogue with nature. The Bulbi collection comprises six vases in different shapes and sizes... View Article


November 19, 2022 6:24 am Published by

  T-Box Storage Trunk TECHNICAL DATA Dimensions In cms Length: 148 Height: 62 Depth: 75    


November 19, 2022 6:12 am Published by

  Cruise The Cruise folding chaise longue has almost literary charm, with brass details with an irresistible vintage feel. Download... View Article


November 19, 2022 6:01 am Published by

  Bold Ethimo presents a new line of ‘sculptured’ tables that lend character to outdoor spaces. Inspired by megalithic architecture,... View Article


November 19, 2022 5:48 am Published by

  Cross Ethimo and Patrick Norguet lend shape to versatile green new furnishing elements. The Cross collection is the result... View Article


November 19, 2022 5:33 am Published by

  Costiera The new yacht collection is an exercise in tailoring that harmoniously teams aesthetics and function: fabrics, generous proportions... View Article


November 19, 2022 5:24 am Published by

  Baia The leitmotiv for the entire collection is a single mood enhanced by the selection of materials and finishes... View Article

Cube Lounge bed

November 17, 2022 11:19 am Published by

  Cube Lounge bed The textural nature of the Etwick fibre, hand woven to create pure geometries of volumes, is... View Article

Eivissa Climate

November 17, 2022 7:11 am Published by

  Eivissa Climate Eivissa pavilions are units for outdoor living designed to create spaces sheltered from the sun, wind and... View Article

Allaperto Veranda

November 17, 2022 6:53 am Published by

  Allaperto Veranda A suspended armchair whose beauty lies in its details. The comfortably sized seat is covered in natural... View Article


November 16, 2022 5:53 am Published by

  Costes A complete line of furnishings whose fil rouge winds through the multiple expressive capabilities of wood. Round with... View Article


October 3, 2022 2:22 pm Published by

Ethimo The Italian company Ethimo specialises in high-quality outdoor furnishings and décor, taking its inspiration from the warm, inviting colours... View Article

Sling Armchair

February 24, 2022 7:47 am Published by

Sling Armchair Designed by : Studio Pepe Sling chair is inspired by vintage camping in the seventies; the simplicity of... View Article

Calipso Sofa

February 24, 2022 7:16 am Published by

Calipso Seat module Sofa Designed by : Ilaria Marelli Modules in teak form the base for oversize cushions designed to... View Article

Rotin 2 seater sofa

February 24, 2022 6:29 am Published by

  Rotin 2 seater sofa Designed by: Zanellato/Bortotto Rotin is a lounge collection where shape, colour and substance come together... View Article

Petra Rug collection

February 24, 2022 5:39 am Published by

Petra Rug collection Ethimo expands its proposals to create a complete outdoor habitat, with a new collection of rugs specifically... View Article

Coimbra Rug collection

February 24, 2022 5:31 am Published by

  Coimbra Rug collection Ethimo expands its proposals to create a complete outdoor habitat, with a new collection of rugs... View Article

Goa Rug Collection

February 23, 2022 1:20 pm Published by

Goa Rug Collection Ethimo expands its proposals to create a complete outdoor habitat, with a new collection of rugs specifically... View Article

Malindi Rug Collection

February 23, 2022 1:07 pm Published by

Malindi Rug Collection Ethimo expands its proposals to create a complete outdoor habitat, with a new collection of rugs specifically... View Article

Step Path lamp

February 22, 2022 10:05 am Published by

  Step lamp Designed by : Niccolò Grassi The Step path lamp in terracotta features a squared shape, suitable for... View Article

Shake Lamp

February 22, 2022 9:57 am Published by

  Shake Lamp Designed by : Emmanuel Gallina Shake, the ideal synthesis of function and aesthetics, is an accessory that... View Article

Ginger lamp

February 22, 2022 9:31 am Published by

  Ginger lamp Designed by : Niccolò Grassi Ginger lamps, available in low, tall or wall–mounted version, have laminas which... View Article

Carré Lamp

February 18, 2022 1:10 pm Published by

  Carré Lamp Designed by : Luca Nichetto Wood and metal come together to create a lantern, available in various... View Article

Lucerna Outdoor lamp

February 18, 2022 9:35 am Published by

  Lucerna Outdoor lamp Designed by : Luca Nichetto Lucerna wired lantern fumé glass and aluminium fixture. Lucerna takes its... View Article

Milk lamp

February 18, 2022 9:19 am Published by

  Milk lamp Designed by : Emmanuel Gallina Milk, whose name and design bring to mind the traditional milk bottle,... View Article

Pharos Lamp

February 18, 2022 8:56 am Published by

  Pharos lamp Designed by : Luca Nichetto Pharos is an outdoor lamp inspired by the nineteenth-century lamps, in particular... View Article

Kilt lamp

February 18, 2022 7:36 am Published by

  Kilt lamp Designed by : Marcello Ziliani Kilt, the seat designed by Marcello Ziliani, available in versions with a... View Article