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Lucerna Outdoor lamp

Designed by : Luca Nichetto

Lucerna wired lantern fumé glass and aluminium fixture.

Lucerna takes its name from ancient Roman oil lamps but has a techno soul, thanks to its LED light and dual system with chargeable battery and pull-out cable, protected by a waterproof body in anodised metal, with a steel or brass look finish.

It has a ring for carrying or hanging. The wonderful diffuser in clear blown glass spreads a warm glow in different hues depending on the version: smoky, anthracite, grey and amber.

Lucerna is an extraordinarily versatile design object, that goes beyond its primary function. Created as an outdoor lighting element, it is also perfect as a decorative article in gardens and patios, thanks to its amazing light effects

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In cm & kg Outdoor Lamp
Width: 19
Height: 35
Weight: 2.5