Sound Lux Acoustics

SOUND LUX is the most patinated version of SOUND sound-absorbing systems, created to offer a clear and avant-garde lighting system in the workplace, where brightening sight and acoustics is fundamental for a more serene productivity. The SOUND LUX model is the result of the encounter between high-engineering sound-absorbing materials and lighting engineering excellence.

Product Description

SOUND LUX panels are available in length 178 × 45 cm and 90 cm, both with LED lighting bodies developed with 3F Filippi. The circular version of 80 cm and square of 110 × 110 cm are supplied with a LED source.

The circular version is supplied with a central LED spotlight and in the square version 4 LED spotlights are installed. The 3F Filippi version is available in two variants, with a series of lighting bodies in the 45 cm lamp or with two series of lighting bodies in the 90 cm one.

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