Acoustic Pods

ACOUSTIC POD is a vertical partitioning system of sound absorbing acoustic panels, used to divide the space in a light and not permanent way. ACOUSTIC POD allows you to manage and modify shared spaces through a modular dynamic, with a thickness of 20 mm. The ACOUSTIC POD version of the SOUND acoustic panels is designed for the construction of an acoustic island in which to organize a collection area that is collected and acoustically qualitative. Acoustic comfort areas for offices that can undergo a change in use during the day, with a view to a dynamic and constantly evolving work environment.

Product Description

ACOUSTIC POD is designed for the composition and interchangeability of the acoustic panels in the space: the individual pieces can be assembled and disassembled in different shapes and spaces, without intervening permanently in the building, making usable unused areas usable, which were not effective for the acoustic comfort of the offices.

The key element of the modularity of the ACOUSTIC POD sound-absorbing systems is the boss that connects the main panels by means of two brushed steel discs that allow them to be reconfigured quickly.

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