Via Montenapoleone

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  Via Montenapoleane Article 1606 Wardrobe with structure in patinated elm, doors covered in perforated leather and stopsol glass. Internal... View Article

Via Del Corso

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  Via Del Corso Art. 1609 Open wardrobe with bleached ash structure. Support panels covered in wallpaper. Includes shelving in... View Article


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  Prezioso Article 1605 Wardrobe with wooden structure covered in leather, Ziricote internal square doors covered in perforated leather, Ziricote... View Article

Ozone Room

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  Ozone Room Art. 1608 Walk-in closet consisting of three wardrobe units with contoured solid wood and vertical sections to... View Article


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  Mezzanotte Article 1611 Wardrobe with cedar structure, doors covered in nubuck/bronze glass. Wardrobe backs with cedar wood slats. Modules... View Article


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  Galleria Article 1610 Wardrobe with oak structure, made up of open niches and modules with doors. Details in leather,... View Article


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  Armarium® Article 1607 ARMARIUM® is the art of carefully guarding and protecting garments and objects, even the most precious... View Article