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Erasmo Art. 1101 Chest of drawers with wooden structure covered in Baby Cashmere, top in fine Crocodile leather, interior of... View Article


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Dorian Art. 1106 Chest of drawers with wooden structure covered in leather. Drawers covered in fabric with “Push and Pull”... View Article


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Ariel Art. 1602 Walk-in closet entirely covered in 100% cashmere. Drawer inside in microfibre with handmade stitchings. Handles covered in... View Article


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Alice Art. 1601 Walk-in closet upholstered entirely in 100% cashmere. Interior of drawers in micro-fibre with tone-on-tone stitching, carried out... View Article


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Arluna Art. 1603 Walk-in closet with wooden frame covered in leather, interweaving entirely handmade in leather and bronze – plated... View Article