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Tribeca MOMENTS OF BEAUTY The Tribeca lamp collection applies the design features of the upholstered program of the same name... View Article


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Teatime Doubly Enjoyable Teatime proves that even classics like a standard lamp can be improved upon. The beautiful lamp creates... View Article


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Linah The Handmade Lamp LINAH Lights Up The Room With a Warm , Cosy Light. Household lighting has become ever... View Article


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Vidro Pleasant light for the living room The striking silhouette of the table lamp VIDRO is shaped by its upright... View Article


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Suave The Ceramic lamp Suave gives every room a calm, atmospheric mood. Household lighting has become ever more energy saving... View Article


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Stella Fairytale Lighting Modern technology and romance are not mutually exclusive, as a single glance at the Stella lighting program... View Article


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Starlight Homage to beauty The design of the table lamp STARLIGHT lives through the value of the materials used. The... View Article


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Soho LIGHT OF THE METROPOLIS Soho presents a laid-back look that brings a touch of New York to every living... View Article


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Atmosphere A CONTEMPORARY LOOK Atmosphere impresses with noble details: The ribbed element below the luminaire body is modeled on a... View Article


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Arcus IMPOSING REACH Arcus enchants with an elegant symmetrical arc made of matt nickel. Thanks to the practical switch on... View Article


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Archetype SMART FUNCTIONALITY WITH GRAPHIC DESIGN The rotating diffuser allows to direct the light as needed, enjoying the benefits of... View Article