September 27, 2022 9:25 am Published by

  Up An essential coffee table whose personality changes with the materials chosen. Vintage flavours and timeless elegance prevail when... View Article


September 27, 2022 9:12 am Published by

  Scancarò The distinctive feature of this line of coffee tables is highlighted by its name, which means “it bent”... View Article


September 27, 2022 9:03 am Published by

  Mil A combination of four basic elements, three refined materials and two sophisticated colours. The solid concept behind this... View Article


September 27, 2022 8:55 am Published by

  Idda Idda, is what the people of Catania call Mount Etna and it is also the name of this... View Article


September 27, 2022 7:17 am Published by

  Bernard Bernard is a complete and versatile collection, suitable in both residential and contract. The original core is represented... View Article


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  U U is a collection of tables of various heights and sizes that can be used individually or as... View Article

Turi Turi

September 14, 2022 7:06 am Published by

  Turi Turi The traditional flat caps worn by Sicilian men inspired the elegant top of this coffee table, which... View Article


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  Molecule The seat acts like a central atom, with round coffee tables and poufs attached to it. Chemical reactions... View Article


September 14, 2022 6:30 am Published by

  Keisho Keisho is another creation that is inspired by natural and organic forms. Originally conceived to complement the Suiseki... View Article


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  Borgo The top of the Borgo coffee table is a thin sheet of steel with precise cuts taken out... View Article


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  Accursio The work of the blacksmith has been made as light as air. The Accursio tables transcend the conventional... View Article