December 17, 2022 11:19 am Published by

Polo   The POLO bed bench is characterized by its delicate proportions and timeless look.   The filigree wooden frame... View Article

Night Fall

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Night Fall   The NIGHTFALL bed bench is given a particularly chic look by its vertically running quilting.   The... View Article

Dream On

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Dream On    With its integrated storage space, the DREAM ON bed bench is the ideal piece of furniture   ... View Article

Sweet Dreams

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Sweet Dreams    An impressively lavish bed – thanks to the comfortably upholstered headboard which goes all    the way... View Article


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Spirit   Just like the sofa of the same name, the SPIRIT box spring bed with its relaxed   upholstered... View Article


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Polo       The elegantly shaped headboard brings a gentle embrace and sense of security into the bedroom.   In... View Article

Night Fall

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Night Fall   Experience the modern interpretation of elaborate craftsmanship: the extrawide classic   piped stitching gives the NIGHTFALL upholstered... View Article


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Lacrosse   The geometrical rectangular stitching is the striking design hallmark of the LACROSSE    series which combines masterly craftsmanship... View Article


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Inspiration   With strikingly straight lines and well chosen proportions, the INSPIRATION box spring bed   represents timeless design and... View Article


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Cloud    CLOUD is a real statement and convinces with comfort and design.The impressively high back with    its overhangs... View Article