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Hudson A TRIBUTE TO THE MASTERS OF THE BAUHAUS STYLE ROHE Due to the cross-shaped legs, the model acquires an... View Article


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Saloni FILIGREE LIGHTNESS The upholstered furniture and the dining set Saloni are complemented by coffee tables and side tables. The... View Article


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Roxy PURISTIC BEAUTY Exciting proportions and glamorous colours make the ROXY tables an eye-catcher in the living and dining area.... View Article


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Porto THE HARMONY OF OPPOSITES The Porto tables are as rich in contrast as the metropolis of the same name.... View Article


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Kelly AN ADDITION TO ANY SEATING GROUP The fascinating surfaces Kelly shows delicate design to full effect: whether terrazzo marble... View Article


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Joy ATTRACTIVE COMPLEMENT WITH ITS OWN DESIGN LANGUAGE The functional side table was conceived to ideally complement every upholstered furniture... View Article


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Jack A TRIBUTE TO THE LANGUAGE OF BAUHAUS JACK nightstand combines exquisite Italian design, fine materials, high-class finishes with adequate... View Article


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Henry CONVINCES WITH COMPACT ELEGANCE Functions and shapes define its volume: table top, open niche, obvious and secret inner drawer.... View Article


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Polo The upholstered outer surface of the Polo bedside table surrounds the drawer storage space. This creates a pleasing look... View Article


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Luna INSPIRING FLEXIBILITY Luna is truly exceptional. Thanks to the smoked glass panel fixed to the seat the comfortable stool... View Article