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Multinoce Near the walnut as final effect, the multinoce creates different textures, lighter.

Tecnorovere Naturale

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Tecnorovere Naturale A wood that is the right balance between performance and refi nement.Resistant and with high hardness, recognizable by... View Article

Tecnorovere Fumè

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Tecnorovere Fumè A deep color that fades from brown to dark gray. At the base the oak streaks animate the... View Article

Tecnorovere Tabacco

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Tecnorovere Tabacco A contemporary color that enhances the oak natural wood grain, emphasizing its lines.

Tecnorovere Tortora

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Tecnorovere Tortora A contemporary color that enhances the oak natural wood grain, emphasizing its lines.

Tecnorovere Grigio

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Tecnorovere Grigio When combined with a lasting material, the typical grey coating easily proves its value over time. That’s the... View Article

Tecnorovere Noccoiola

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Tecnorovere Noccoiola With a tone that emphasizes lines and depth, there is harmony between the interior and exterior. Wood grains... View Article

Tecnorovere Sabbia

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Tecnorovere Sabbia A light colour, both charming and relaxing that counterparts the durmast oak hardness. An Essence that is going... View Article

Tecnorovere Cacao

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Tecnorovere Cacao All shades of deep brown join together in cacao wax fi nish, which is substantial and decisive.

Tecnorovere Bianco

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Tecnorovere Bianco The warm tones of the oak and the traditional striped effect creates a wide scale of colours ranging... View Article

Essences Doors

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Essences Doors Real wood, in all its warmth and beauty. The wooden doors are made of veneer and represent the... View Article