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  Prissy Article 1201 Bed with wooden structure covered in 100% Cashmere, feet covered in leather.


October 7, 2022 6:09 am Published by

  Somnium Article 1213 Bed composed of a soft leather bed frame with a bleached ash base and a suspended... View Article


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  Noctis Article 1215 Bed with structure in bleached ash. Headboard and bed frame upholstered in leather with fabric inserts.... View Article


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  Krystal Article 1211 Bed with structure, headboard and frame in Ziricote wood, corners in leather and inserts in bronzed... View Article


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  Intrigo Article 1203 Bed with wooden structure, headboard and bed frame upholstered in lightly padded hand-woven velvet.


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  Eden Article 1206 Bed with wooden structure, weaving system covered in leather, frame – profile in bronzed brass, bed... View Article


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  Capri Art. 1212 Bed with headboard upholstered in leather and nubuck, details and hinges in bronzed brass. Side parts... View Article


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  Beola Article 1216 Bed with maple structure, headboard and bed frame upholstered in leather. Decorative cushions in Loro Piana... View Article


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  Balmoral Article 1214 Bed with wooden structure covered in leather with internal headboard in fine fabric and leather piping.... View Article


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