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Wall Acoustics

An innovative design and high technical performance for SOUND WALL sound-absorbing panels, ideal for furnishing and improving the comfort of the living environment. A geometric solution proposed in several shapes: rectangular, round and triangular and a wall adherence that offers the possibility of rethinking the noise barriers in a decorative key.SOUND WALL thus ensures performance on both sides, reducing the number of panels needed to comfortably furnish a common space.

Product Description

SOUND WALL is composed of a series of acoustic panels with a thickness of 20 mm, applicable in different solutions: vertical, horizontal, in parallel line, on the wall or suspended. Adherence to the chosen surface is made possible through mechanical fixing, maintaining a 30 mm rear air chamber.

The fixing system consists of an anti-vibration membrane and a quick coupling support which, simply by pressure, ensures the fixing of the panel to its structural component.

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