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Sky Acoustics

SOUND SKY SYSTEM is the solution of sound absorbing panels designed for restaurants: a sound comfort system that allows the creation of modeling and floating acoustic islands, offering a different use solution of the false ceiling, which changes and adapts to what are the characteristics the installation environment. The triangular shape allows you to recreate the space in sinuous curved surfaces, with the possibility of managing flat or inclined ceilings, through the use of fixed joints. SOUND SKY SYSTEM, an undoubted appeal for a system of sound-absorbing panels for ceilings.

Product Description

SOUND SKY SYSTEM is a system of 20mm thick sound-absorbing panels for ceilings, possibly interchangeable with luminous panels, to be applied three-dimensionally like a veil or a canvas, for a dramatic impact effect in large spaces, such as restaurants.

Details and hooks are in natural satin steel, with through screw fixings.

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