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Skuro Sikuro

The practicality of a gesture for maximum comfort in your large or small environment! Skuro Sikuro is the shading system that allows you to protect small and large openings from the sun’s rays and bad weather, thanks to its conception that combines safety, flexibility and pleasant aesthetics.

To achieve the most refined aesthetic balance and to integrate Skuro Sikuro with the structure of the building it is possible to choose any color, including wood and steel effects .

The elements, in extruded aluminum in three different sizes , contain insulating material which allows the product to be soundproofed. With Skuro Sikuro every environment will be protected and safe .

OSKURA underwent the following tests:

L 4000 x H 3000 mm Sample – Wind load resistance – Class 6 +- 400 Pa; in safety at +- 600 Pa
L 4000 x H 3000 mm Sample – Snow bearing capacity 300kg/sqm
L 1400 x H 2300 mm Sample – ENV 1627 – Class 2 (Burglar-proof)

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