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Particularly solid structure composed of modular elements made from aluminium profile bars with thermal break. The possibility of choosing the shape of profile bars between classic rounded and modern squared designs ensures that products can be totally personalized and adapted to suit the style and tastes of the home, always maintaining an attractive and original appearance with the best surface treatments.

Product Description

The thermal break in profile bars is composed of 24 mm polyamide bars. Door panels are sealed with 4 magnetic seals for each joint, without interruptions over hinges.
The upper and lower tracks and vertical joints form a closed frame, and together with the door panels have double compression seals.
Made-to-measure door panels up to 1000 mm in width and 3000 mm in height. Closures of unlimited length can be constructed by composing groups of door panels running on tracks, with special joints and seals at their meeting points.

Easy, quick and silent. Door panels can be folded together on the left or right only, or on both sides for larger verandas.
The folded doors occupy a space of about 10% of their total opened length.
Removable hinge pins for easy cleaning of external surfaces.

Adjustment of glazing load with special accessories that can be operated from outside door panels.
Possibility of choosing between rounded and square profile bars.

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