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S 70 Vertical

The motorized system with windows sliding vertically is an important evolution of the horizontal system. Composed mainly of the same basic components, it also has profile bars and accessories that permit motorized vertical movement, complete with CE-marked safety devices to protect against falling.

Product Description

Normal profiles or with thermal break (insulation 24 mm).

The system allows glazed windows to be constructed with 2, 3 or 4 panels, with modules up to 3000 mm in width and 3200 mm in length. Using intermediate or corner columns, it is also possible to assemble particularly large constructions.

The tubular motors are housed in protection casings in the upper section of the window fittings, and are controlled by “hold-to-run” command buttons. Components are raised with steel cables.

In case of breakage of one or more steel cables, a special safety device inside the frame blocks the system, preventing the risks caused by falling panels. The entire system is CE-marked.

The system can hold glass or other blind panels up to 27 mm in thickness. Frame tracks have a special shape that ensures perfect seal contact in the presence of wind pressure. The horizontal arrangement of the glazed panels, with free spaces up to 3000 mm between the uprights, ensures an ample view towards the exterior.

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