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Roof Acoustics

SOUND ROOF is the new formula of decorative sound-absorbing panels for ceilings conceived as islands suspended in midair which break the volume of the room to increase acoustic comfort. Made in the triple square, round or rectangular version, the SOUND ROOF sound-absorbing panels have a bursting design that is immediately visible upon entering the chosen installation environment. The particularly fluctuating position given by the suspension to the ceiling offers a highly decorative vision of the product, respecting and preserving the sound quality in the environment.

Product Description

SOUND ROOF is a system of 20mm thick sound-absorbing panels, suspended from the ceiling by steel cables, in triple versions, circular, square and rectangular. Applicable horizontally, parallel to the floor or inclined, with a rear anchoring system not visible from below.

The design imagination is left free to build multi-colored and multi-material aerial structures. With its color variations SOUND ROOF is a real furnishing tool.

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