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Puro is the bioclimatic solar Greenhouse that offers an eco-sustainable approach. Its primary components, glass and aluminium, allow the solar energy to be stored during the day and limit dispersion during the cooler hours.

Product Description

The internal bioclimate is improved by the flow of air from the outdoors that enters through the openings along the perimeter that can be sliding, folding, or frameless glazed units, according to your needs.

Plus, if the Puro Greenhouse is equipped, for example, with a roof window (dormer), any heat that would accumulate will rise upward, preventing overheating. Besides the advantages in terms of energy savings, Puro also has an innovative design. Its flat structure is unique and particularly suited to modern buildings and those with a strong personality.

Like all Sunroom bioclimatic solar Greenhouses, it is made of aluminium, which is not only completely recyclable, but which can also be in an infinite range of colours, so the structure can blend in perfectly with the surrounding environment.

Technical Datasheet