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Panel System

PANEL SYSTEM is a system of sound-absorbing dividing panels, consisting of vertical partitions made from sound-absorbing material, ideal for dividing up the work environment or office and redefining the boundaries of privacy in a light and impermanent fashion.

Product Description

PANEL SYSTEM’s system of dividing panels allows for shared spaces to be transformed in a temporary way thanks to a simple yet ingenious mechanism. The design makes use of modular panels which are self- supporting and can be connected in series with solid hooks, even attaching to the wall or floor, if desired.

The modules are rectangular in shape, with a height of 180cm and widths of 90cm, 80cm and 45cm, also available in a curved 45x45cm version and 110x110cm squares. The modules are usable individually and have been designed to be use repeatedly within the installation.

The connecting mechanism is a screw-in clamp, which is used to join the panels together. The elegant brushed-steel finish is present in all the accessories, along with supports for self-supporting panels and wall and floor supports, used to fasten the dividing panels to the surface of your choice.

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