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Pacific Seaquel

Commitment to the environment.

Product Description

Small gestures such as developing the Pacific Seaqual mattress help our commitment to the environment.

Our Pacific Seaqual mattress is a high-end mattress created from natural raw materials (plastic waste collected from the Mediterranean Sea). The fabrics are made of high quality polyester thread and made from recycled materials. In this way we take care of your rest and the environment.

This mattress has the SEAQUAL ™ certificate that guarantees that the fabrics with which it has been manufactured are made of high quality polyester thread made from recycled materials obtained from the sea.

The Pacific Seaqual mattress features a pocket spring core technology that is individually bagged to allow for greater comfort. In addition, its high density gives this mattress greater durability and the ViscoAqua material manages to maintain the mattress temperature up to 3 degrees less than in conventional viscoelastic foam.

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