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Oskura Waterproof

Oskura Waterproof is a fully-openable bioclimatic pergola that protects against rain and allows the intensity of natural light to be controlled, above all in summer. When its slats are totally closed, the Oskura Waterproof system guarantees excellent protection against inclement weather and rain, but it can also be totally opened, the only product on the market to offer this triple function.

Product Description

The Oskura Waterproof 2.0 system can even be installed on flat structures, without affecting their capacity to give shelter against wind and rain. In the case of solutions complete with a supporting structure, these are made from aluminium profile bars with a broad cross-section. The gutters and drainpipes for rainwater discharge are incorporated in the structure.

Slats are collected together in a space of about 12% (excluding motor housing).

The extruded aluminium slats contain an insulation material that allows the product to be soundproofed. Slats are also fitted with double waterproofing seals, with lateral channels to drain away rainwater.

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