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Motus sliding roofs for solar greenhouses and conservatories are the only system that can be opened for two-thirds of their total area, with motor-powered or manual options available. This exclusive solution makes it possible to enjoy the experience of living outdoors and “taking the sun” in your own home. The system is composed of a modular structure in aluminium profile bars with large cross-section, including beams, wall fixing sections, gutters and support columns.

Product Description

Normal profiles and with thermal break. Roofs can be of unlimited width, as the modular system allows modules to be assembled in an infinite succession, with a maximum depth of 6000 mm.

Roof panels are moved by a ratiomotor controlled by an electronic module and remote control. Roofs can be opened for two-thirds of their total surface area. On request, panels can also be moved manually with a winder pole.

Roof panels can contain panelling inserts with a thickness up to 24 mm, with honeycomb polycarbonate sheets, sandwich panels in aluminium and polyurethane, or insulated or safety glass. Roof dimensions vary according to the required load capacity. When necessary, steel reinforcement bars can be inserted.

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