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Art. 1010

Meridiana is inspired by the ancient instrument used to measure the slow passage of time. A special time, of the soul in which the otium was a privilege for a few who enjoyed it in the supreme harmony between inside and outside, between form and matter.

The eternity of marble, the wisdom of wood, the life of the skin in an infinite aesthetic show out of time.

The circle is divine perfection. Circular are the path of the Sun, what marks the time and sundial that rotates at the center of the microcosm of our namesake table.

A sinuous molded wood dance creates artifacts that smell like art.

Product Description

Just as beauty covered the good in καλοκαγαθία, so our masters combine precious materials in non plus ultra works.

“Every truth is curved, time is a circle” where every end is a new beginning in search of a multi-faceted perfection that knows infinitely.

The extra-ordinary becomes mystery in the very thin leather panels that float on the sides of the double-sided bookcase.

Pure beauty is only perceived by those who have the good taste to grasp it.

Guarding is the pleasure of an irreproachable scenario that enhances what is most precious.

Hinges like rhymes kissed in romantic verses to delight those who use them.

Timeless spaces to store priceless objects and pass them on to eternity.

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