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The casual upholstery and the organic shape of master radiate contemporary comfort. A first glance is not enough to uncover all the technical capabilities of the stylish functional armchair. Thanks to the numerous adjustability options the ideal seating position can be found for people of all sizes and for every sitting posture.

Product Description

FUNCTIONS: FOOTREST, SEAT INCLINATION AND HEADREST The hidden footrest can be swung out manually or driven by an electric motor. The seat inclination and armrest are simultaneously brought into an optimally relaxing position. The back angle can be changed individually at the push of a button from an upright seating position to a relaxed position. Furthermore, the height and inclination of the headrest is continuously adjustable.

FRAME: METAL AND STAINLESS STEEL For the seat, metal has been combined with sinuous springs. The base consists of stainless steel and can optionally be chromed or leather coated. The integrated armrests are covered to match the seat and back.