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A truly new kitchen for an innovative concept. Completely handmade with a very high component of technology and home automation.

Product Description:

This kitchen truly represents the essence of the Laboratory: the continuous search for innovation without ever losing sight of tradition. Luca Mattoni wanted to take the kitchen concept even further, conceived as a design object capable of changing the face of the environment in which it is located. A kitchen that reinterprets the standard idea of ​​how this space is lived: it becomes a convivial place to be integrated into any room of the house. The kitchen becomes home automation without renouncing the Style and Class that distinguishes Made in Italy.

This model reinterprets the concept of traditional cuisine: it integrates innovation and tradition in perfect laboratory style. The kitchen is completely handmade and for this reason it is absolutely customizable in every aspect. They can change sizes, materials and finishes and can be absolutely created according to the customer’s wishes. In addition, for the first time, fabric has been integrated as a cover. The customer has the possibility to choose from a great variety of fabrics of all kinds: from velvet to leather up to the most innovative textures in order to ‘dress’ his kitchen as he sees fit, giving it the desired mood. The kitchen also hides a technological heart with truly innovative open / close and up / down mechanisms.