Glass Acoustics

The SOUND GLASS anti-noise panels are conceived according to a new vision of sound-absorbing barriers that explore the boundaries of sound by enhancing quality, without renouncing a sober style that transforms the acoustic panel into a unique piece of furniture, in the frame of the glass surfaces which to apply them.

Product Description

The system of sound-absorbing barriers consists of a series of acoustic panels 20 mm thick, to be applied vertically or horizontally, adhering to the wall or suspended from the ceiling, by adhering with high-strength double-sided adhesive material, it consists of a membrane anti vibration and a quick coupling support which, simply by pressure, ensures the fixing of the panel to its structural component.

Through the components that allow the separation of the anti-noise panels from the support surface, the panel ensures its performance on both sides, reducing the number of panels needed to comfortably furnish a common space. The lightness of the glass fixing is summarized in the invisibility of its anchoring components through bi-component glues, specific UV rays or double-sided adhesive material with high resistance of the cavity between the metal structure and the glass surface.

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