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Filigno Writing Desk

The interface between the analogue and digital world..

In a refreshingly light-footed way, the filigno writing desk combines practical, analogue storage space with technical features of our digitised world, all packed into a neat, elegant form. A characteristic feature of filigno is the slim casing of solid wood, just 12 mm thick, made using our innovative three-layer technology – incredibly strong despite the slenderness of the material. A slim, matt black metal frame base echoes the slender lines of the wooden casing, leaves space for the feet and creates a sense of weightlessness. Alternatively, the version with a recessed plinth base offers additional storage space.

The extension of the desktop is cushioned in both directions. When it is pulled out it offers leg-room to sit comfortably and allows convenient access to the functional interior. Numerous additional functions turn the filigno writing desk into a fully equipped home office, with sockets for power and USB connections, an optional Qi charger for mobile phones, a leather-covered pen tray, and even a secret compartment.