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Designed by : Luca Nichetto

At the time of the Ancient Romans, the “exedra” was a semi-circular space where social gatherings and philosophical debates were held.

The collection Esedra takes its name from this element of classical architecture to create a complete range of furniture for a contemporary outdoor look, establishing a relationship between the various materials, such as the synthetic fibre used for the seat-backs, treated with a technology that recreates the sensation of natural woven fibre, the fabric upholstery of the cushions and the aluminium legs.

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In cm & kg 1.Chair 2.Square Table 3.Rectangular Table 4.Oval Table
Length: 65 90 200 240
Width: 65 90 99 112.4
Height: 76 75 75 75
Seat: 45
Weight: 13 20-25 75 55