Eivissa Climate

Designed by : Ludovica + Roberto Palomba

The Eivissa Climate is a bioclimatic pergola with a motorised adjustable louvered roof.

This fully-adjustable version stylishly and practically meets changing needs for light, shade, waterproofing and ventilation. In a slightly open position, the louvers admit a pleasant breeze while screening direct sunlight; when completely closed, they provide total protection from the rain, which runs off into the integrated guttering.

Eivissa Climate can provide a unique, private space that blends harmoniously into a natural setting, thanks to the option of fitting sliding glass panels or curtains in soft fabric or handwoven cord around the entire perimeter.

The Climate pergola can be installed directly on the ground or can be fitted with flooring in teak or ceramic stone.

Product Description

Roof with adjustable louvers – The Climate cover is formed by a series of aluminum slats (11×4 cm), available in the same colors as the structure, which can be oriented up to 90 ° with a remote control. When closed, the roof guarantees excellent waterproofing, up to 10 mm/h of rain. When open, the louvers provide shade and ventilation. It has a snow load capacity of 75 kg/m². What’s more, water caught by the louvers is guaranteed to run off smoothly thanks to a system of gutters and pipes that take the water down through the posts to the ground. Climate cover can contain LED light points integrated in the slats.

Material – Aluminum painted in 9 color options. Characteristics of the slats: aluminum, size 19 x 5 cm, snow load resistance 75 kg / sqm, water seal 10 mm / h, adjustable up to 90° with radio control.

Flooring – The Eivissa pavilion can have either solid teak wood decking or stoneware, available in three colors.

Cover with fixed teak slats – The cover with fixed teak slats responds to both aesthetic and functional needs. It allows shade to be achieved by exploiting the inclination of the teak blades and creating a pleasant passage of air (Pickled Teak)

Sliding Flow curtain – Flow is a fabric curtain that provides both decoration and shade. Practical and functional, it can be opened or closed to adjust light and shade.

Perimeter glass panels – Fitted with perimeter glass panels, Eivissa becomes a completely closed space, insulated from its surroundings. The separate glass panels can be fitted to each side and fold as they open. The 375 cm version requires four glass panels; the 495 cm one five. Each tempered glass panels is 10 mm thick and about 90 cm wide. They have a built-in handle for easy opening and closing, and a foot-activated locking system. The panels can be installed both on the pavilion version with flooring and on the version fixed directly to the ground.

Perimeter curtains in acrylic fabric – The pavilion can be closed on all sides thanks to acrylic curtains available in four colours.

Perimetral curtains in braided rope – The pavilion can be closed on each side by interwoven polypropylene curtains available in two colors. The fringes in synthetic rope take up the traditional workings of lace, creating suggestive graphic effects and plays of shadows.

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