Desk Acoustics

SOUND DESK SYSTEM is the solution of sound-absorbing partition panels for office desk designed for the workplace. Thanks to the SOUND DESK SYSTEM noise barriers it is possible to divide and protect the workplace from disturbing sounds. Acoustic comfort conceived for offices, through a product with a clean design that offers the possibility of improving the acoustic performance of a workspace, on a shared or single desk, resting on or attached to it.

Product Description

The SOUND DESK SYSTEM noise barriers have a thickness of 20 mm, with horizontal application on the desk and are available in length 75 and 155 cm for a height of 39 cm. They are supported by modular metal structures, which manage two, three or four-way 90 ° angles, to obtain maximum acoustic performance from your work surface, creating and delimiting a personal space through simple shapes and purified sound connections.

The fixing and support accessories on the tops are in press-folded steel painted in epoxy powders, in white and silver. High resistance materials, with a clean design that matches any possible use.

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