Cubus Shelf

It’s only a shelf. (As if!)

The interplay between open shelves and fronts with different opening functions, as well as their numerous combination possibilities, make the cubus shelf system a creative workshop for individualists. Our cubus libraries can be planned as desired in terms of width and height. Hinged doors, sliding doors, flaps, and various colours within the shelves ensure that you have plenty of design options. Planning is further enlivened by special dividing elements, which allow you to rearrange the shelving set-up by vertically separating spaces, and positioning shelf bases at various heights. With our special hangers, it is also easy to suspend shelves completely or partially, and to combine them with our cubus and cubus pure body systems to create a wall unit.

A tree adapts to the environment in which it grows. And this ability is retained in the cubus shelf system. Plan your shelf exactly according to your wishes and requirements. The enormous type variety offers you numerous design options. Thanks to the combination of wood and glass shelving, together with the LED spots and transparent all-glass doors, the shelves can simultaneously be used as a library and an illuminated display case. Convenient, cushioned sliding shelves offer space for additional books. And the space behind can be used for a TV, for example.

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