Classic Mattresses and Slatted Frames

Classic Mattresses.

Off to the comfort zone! Or, actually, the comfort zones. Because the elastic, breathable latex core of our classic mattresses excels with its seven zones. With this special division into shoulder, pelvis and foot areas, we achieve pressure relief precisely conformed to your body, which makes for ergonomically healthy sleeping comfort. A sophisticated sectioning of the surface allows for flexible adaptability and contributes to optimal ventilation. The classic mattress is even comfortable to care for: its cover is made of high-quality, natural certified organic cotton that is woven with 600g/m² breathable TENCEL®/corn fibre – it is easy to remove and washable.

Classic Flex.

We make sure your healthy sleep isn’t served on a silver platter but rather on plates made of untreated beech wood. To be more precise, it’s served on 50 of these plates. The spring elements can be freely moved in three dimensions and are also supported by spring slats. With these double spring systems, our classic flex plate frame perfectly adjusts to your body. Softer spring elements in the shoulder and heel areas along with special firmness controllers for the lumbar area optimize the elastic supportive pressure distribution and the individual adjustment. The arrangement and milling of the wooden plates promote the optimal ventilation of the mattress and thus a hygienic and fresh sleeping climate.

Classic Slatted Frame.

The classic slatted frame is made of stable beech. The solid wood frame is supplemented by 28 moveable wooden slats that are individually adjustable at the height of the pelvis. And for even more sleep comfort, the classic slatted frame is also available with a manually adjustable head and foot element.