C3 Coffee Table

A nice contradiction.

Our c3 coffee table makes heavy material seem nearly weightless. Because thanks to its clever design, the natural wood suddenly seems very light. The wooden cross in the centre connects the top and base almost invisibly. This is why the table almost seems to float, yet offers well-arranged storage space. The c3 coffee table comes in various sizes, rectangular or square, as well as with wheels or slides.

With its impressive natural wood panels, the smart design of our c3 coffee table not only showcases the appealing wood, it also creates practical storage spaces on the lower level. And the tabletop? It remains free for your drinks or snacks and provides a lot of space for fun and games.



For the sake of your eyes and nature.

The impressive tabletop and base of our c3 coffee table are made from especially stable G3 boards. This innovation, which makes use of our 3-layer technology, allows us to show off the beauty of solid wood in great material strengths – while simultaneously saving weight and sparing resources during manufacturing.


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