Baffle Acoustics

SOUND BAFFLE sound-absorbing panels offer the possibility of improving the acoustic performance of an existing space without permanent building interventions by simply affixing it to the ceiling, even in the presence of significant heights or with interpositions of beams or trusses.

Product Description

SOUND BAFFLE is a rectangular 20 mm thick acoustic panel, to be applied horizontally or vertically, by suspension with steel cables, making the most of the sound-absorbing material given by the double exposure of the panels, for environments that require a high level of clarity in the fluidity of information.

The panel has a discrete visible vertical support, with a clamp coupling system, ensuring quick and simplified maintenance. The SOUND BAFFLE sound-absorbing panels are fastened by means of a swing, intended as a fixing system to the load-bearing structure with high-strength steel cables, adjustable and fixable to any perforable surface.

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