Art. 1607/A

The art of carefully storing and protecting

ARMARIUM® means the art of carefully storing and protecting your personal items and things, even your most precious and intimate possessions – a challenging task that Ludovica Mascheroni wonderfully faced by mixing great design and ne taste in order to obtain a true masterpiece of high cabinet-making and haute couture.

ARMARIUM®is not just a beautiful and practical wardrobe. Thanks to our patented system, ARMARIUM® guarantees the purest hygiene for your clothing, while also storing them in perfect order.
This wardrobe is equipped with an exclusive automatic system that eliminates unwanted odours and allergens, even when you’ve just taken your clothes off – all in just a few minutes and in an ecological and natural way.

This wonderful feeling of cleanliness, that fresh aroma of something that has just been washed, conjuring up that scent that follows a storm, is perfectly guaranteed by ARMARIUM® for all your clothes and garments.

Product Description

Dimensioni: 220x100x h86 cm

Finishes: Legno – Pelle – Metallo

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