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AOS Sleeping System

Healthy sleep from A to Zzzz.

While you are sleeping, your body is working. Night time is when it regenerates. We place heavy demands on our spine during the day, and this causes the intervertebral discs to lose fluids. When you lie down properly, they get relief. Then they can fill up and regenerate again. An optimal lying position is very important to this process. A sleeping system has to support the spine in the right places, while yielding in other areas. Which areas those are depends on the position you are sleeping in. That is why our integrated, ergonomically designed aos system takes your individual needs into account.

It is the ideal complement for our solid wood beds, and consists of a fitted frame, spring element, and mattress. You can choose between an open sleeping system with under-bedding or closed – wrapped in a slip cover. The aos components are made of natural and renewable resources: Wood, natural latex, cotton, sheep’s wool, TENCEL®, and maize fibre. For everyone whose one wish is a good night’s sleep: It will be a very good one with aos.

Fitted frame

The manually adjustable aos fitted frame in beech provides 7 different inclinations for the headboard and 3 for the footboard. In this way, the aos sleeping system can be easily adjusted to the desired position. Alternatively, a fixed fitted frame is also 100% metal-free, extremely stable, and available in spruce or Swiss pine. For even more comfort, the fitted frame is also available as an electronic version complete with a mains cut-off: here the motors are integrated elegantly into the lateral bars, and the slatted frame can be controlled wirelessly with a remote control.

Spring element

We turn our bodies up to 80 times per night – that is how often a sleeping system has to adjust to our new position. The aos spring element, an ergonomic masterpiece from our manufactory, satisfies this requirement. It can adjust to the various sleeping positions thanks to its intelligent construction and provides precise support to your body, whether you lie on your back, side or stomach. Seven latex strips covered in cotton – with sophisticated structural positioning – and rimellas made of elastic ash ensure a perfect adjustment to the body. The rimellas can be supplemented or removed individually so that the sleeping system can be customised for everyone. Its ribbed surface and construction from individual components provide a healthy ventilation of the spring element, which is held together across the width by special clamping slats. And the best thing about it – you will sleep so well on this that you won’t even notice all these details.


Our aos mattress only gives in where a force is applied. This ensures optimised pressure relief and an ideal blood circulation while sleeping. The mattress owes this positive feature to the material it is made from: 100% natural latex – available in soft or firm versions. Two different heights – 10 and 15 cm – offer the perfect opportunity to match your individual needs. The mattress is attached to the aos spring element with a zipper.

Slip cover/Under-bedding

The aos slip cover is a unifying feature, combining the spring element and the mattress into a compact system. Its removable cover is made of 100% pure cotton, quilted with natural and self-cleaning sheep’s wool. Of course you can also opt for the washable version made of TENCEL®/maize. A specially designed weave on the underside guarantees optimal ventilation and a pleasant sleeping climate. Alternatively, there is the aos sleeping system with an under-bedding made of sheep’s wool or TENCEL®. A partner cover is available for both versions.


The optional aos mattress topper provides restful comfort. It consists of high-quality Talalay latex. This material is made with a clever trick: Natural latex is frozen before baking, which results in an open-pored surface rather than an impermeable layer. And this brings a great advantage for a healthy sleep climate: Body heat and moisture can quickly be absorbed and released again through the pores.

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